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Toffeln Clogs are perfect for all healthcare professionals.
Toffeln nurse shoes carry properties so vital in healthcare
environments such as anti-slip and antistatic nursing clogs.
Toffeln specialise in medical clogs and theatre clogs.

Sanita Clogs have made clogs since 1907 - See video.
World of Clogs have one of the best Sanita Danish clogs
ranges available in the UK with many unique designs of
Sunita wooden clogs, flexible clogs and clog boots.

Crocs Clogs swept the world as a comfort phenomenon.
Crocs UK is now a decade old, and continuing to provide
exciting styles such as Crocs Baya, Polar and Crocband
as well as Crocs Classic, Crocs Cayman and Kids Crocs.

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AM Toffeln Clogs are the Swedish clogs that spell out
tradition. AM-Toffeln swedish clogs and wooden footbed
clogs are made in Scandinavia with age-old manufacturing
techniques. These clogs mules are incredible value.

World of Clogs have been offering own-brand alternatives
since day one, when operations were run from the smallest
of high street shops! Our range now includes wooden
clogs, beach clogs and clog slippers all at great prices!

Iko Clogs are the branded clogs found in the high street.
The inventiveness of Iko's clogs shoes never fails to satisfy.
Iko have some great leather clogs and suede clogs and
have gone down a storm in recent years.

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Toffeln Work Clogs

Ultra Lite Nursing Clogs
Toffeln Flexi Clog
Toffeln Soft Lite
Toffeln Surgi Clog(310)
Toffeln Flex Lite
Toffeln Nature Form

Toffeln Ezi-Klog
Toffeln Klima Flex
Toffeln Clean Clog
Toffeln Surgi Boot

Toffeln Comfy Lite
Toffeln Trainers
Toffeln Safety Lite
Toffeln Safety Trainers

Sanita Wooden Clogs

Sanita Chrissy 1200009
Sanita Big Buckle 453062
Sanita Alba Loop 454442
Sanita Retro Patent 457012
Sanita Classic Closed Clogs
Sanita Rita Suede 1116191
Sanita Maho Winter Clogs
Sanita Textile Fabric Clogs
Sanita Brown Cow 1706199
Sanita Leopard 1706199

Sanita Flexible Clogs

Sanita Sonja Clogs 1200047
Karl Mens Clogs 1200050
Sanita Morse Oiled 1200038
Professional Smooth 1500006
Professional Oiled 1200006

Sanita Clog Boots

Sanita Mohawk Boots 452203
Sanita Alison Boots 454444
Sanita Lee-Ann Boots 454223
Sanita Totem Boots 452192
Peggy Sue Jodhpur Boots
Wixen Fur Boots 456701

Sanita Clog Heels

Sanita Ulrika 453207
Sanita Mira Plateau 453330
Sanita Iris Square 455383
Sanita Maria Plateau 455400
Sanita Merle Plateau 455615
Sanita Isabell 455409
Sanita Taila Plateau 455201
Sanita Theadora Heel 454317
Sanita Tory Plateau 454316

Crocs Clogs UK

Crocs Blitzen Polar
Crocs Classic Cayman
Crocs Crocband
Crocs Disney Kids
Crocs Yukon
Crocs Work Clogs

AM Toffeln Clogs

AM100 Black Clogs
AM100 Brown Clogs
AM100 Navy Clogs
AM100 Red Clogs
AM100 White Clogs
AM106 White Winter Clogs
AM100 Zebra Clogs
Wooden 100 Gold Clogs
Wooden 100 Silver Clogs
Patent Black Leather Clogs
Nubuck Leather Clogs

Iko Clogs

Iko Wooden Klass
Iko Wooden Komfort
Iko Wooden Kontor
Iko Flexible Aktion
Iko Flexible Aktor
Iko Flexible Impakt
Iko Flexible Klog

World of Clogs supplies nursing clogs and nurse shoes, toffeln clogs, sanita clogs, clogs mules, crocs clogs, am-toffeln wooden clogs and
crocs in uk. Specifically our range includes toffeln shoes, toffeln cloggs, tofflen medical clogs, theatre clogs, hospital clogs, nurse clogs,
comfy clogs, clog slippers, nurse footwear, nursing footwear, clogs for women and traditional swedish discount clogs and dutch clogs.

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