Top 10 Travel Shoes

The Definitive Top 10 Travel Shoes

Picking the right shoes to use on your travels can really help streamline the airport experience! Other elements to consider are the levels of comfort for a long travel, the on/off ease, as well as the temperature and season of your destination. So make travel a little easier with some comfortable clogs or shoes!

Crocs Crocband Clogs - Black

Crocs Crocband Clogs in Black

Crocs can sometimes get a bad style reputation, but their comfort, durability and versatility is brilliant! You can change up how you wear them be it in the slipper mode or in the active mode by using the moveable strap. When heading to a warm destination they make great shoes for the beach and by the pool! Especially since they wash easily, sand and water also come out from the vented holes. Another great bonus for the Crocs is the ability to use socks. If the air-con is making the plane a little chilly, a pair of socks really help keep you warm and Crocs provide enough width to wear your socks with ease. An added bonus to Crocs is that you can also customise them with Jibbitz if you so wish, to help bring a little smile!

Birkenstock Arizona in Black

Birkenstock Arizona in Black

Birkenstocks are so ‘in’ right now. They are made of natural materials and provide fantastic support for your feet with a health focused footbed. The cork also keeps them light and the sandal style makes them a great contender for travelling to warmer climates. However thick socks with Birkenstocks can also look cool depending on how you style it, so perhaps they would make a good option for even a colder climate. At a cooler destination, you can use them as your indoor slippers after wearing heavy cold weather boots all day, providing your feet with much needed rest and support.

AM-Toffeln 100 Clogs in Yellow

AM-Toffeln 100 Clogs in Yellow

These clogs are very easy to slip on and off, making going through airport security a breeze when it comes to taking your shoes off quickly. They are also reasonably light and really give your foot support. You may be thinking that wooden soles may not be comfortable but that generally isn't the case. The feeling you get with wooden clogs is very similar to that of walking in bare feet. Many folks find that a firmer sole really gives them the support they need to go on their tourist walks.

Sanita Tilka Vegan Flexible Denim Sandals in Navy

Sanita 'Tilka' Vegan Flexible Denim Sandals in Navy

Perhaps you want a clog style sandal that is also vegan and cruelty free. Well the Sanita ‘Tilka’ is a fantastic option. Made sustainably while providing comfort and style. This is definitely a warm weather destination shoe rather than one for the colder climates. A great feature of this shoe is the flexible element in the wooden sole. This gives a bit more movement when taking a step making it a more comfortable wear for long walks. The denim is also breathable and soft making sure that your sunkissed (or perhaps slightly burnt) skin has a gentle texture against it.

Crocs LiteRide Sandal Navy

Crocs LiteRide Sandal in Navy

Crocs don’t always have to look like the classic Crocs many are used to. The Crocs LiteRide Sandal has flexible elasticated bands that are comfortable for feet that may swell while travelling. Many folks find that travel may be tough on their feet and this sandal keeps it gentle and flexible for whatever it is your feet decide to do. The sole has elevated ridges that massage your feet making them a great option for different terrain, both within a cityscape or within nature. The usual positives of Crocs still applies, since getting these sandals wet or dirty is an easy fix with a quick wipe.

Sanita Big Buckle Olive Grey

Sanita Big Buckle Olive Grey

The Sanita Big Buckle in Olive Grey is a great option for those who are limited in their packing and need some smarter shoes that can double as comfortable city shoes. These clogs have a wooden sole that provides support while also being grippy. The positives with almost any clog is that you can wear socks! Be it a statement sock or even tights, these shoes are a great option for an autumn trip where some days are warmer than others.

Sanita Fenja Spotty Flexible Clogs in Red

Sanita 'Fenja Spotty' Flexible Clogs in Red

Lets say you love clogs but the wooden sole isn’t really your bag. Well the Sanita Fenja Spotty Flexible Clogs provide a softer and more cushioned clog experience while maintaining the classic shape and style. This clog is great for both warm and cooler destinations. It’s a great option for those who need some shock absorbency from their shoes while also having a flair for style.

Toffeln Nature Form 9050

Toffeln Nature Form 9050

These are comfortable and natural while also providing good support. The Toffeln Nature Form 9050 can be dressed up with trousers or dressed down for the travelling portion of your trip. Easy to slip on and off while also being flexible for sock wearing. It’s a more androgynous style making it quite flexible for any wardrobe choice.

Crocs LiteRide Clog - Neo Mint/Almost White

Crocs LiteRide Clog in Neo Mint/Almost White

So you like Crocs but perhaps prefer a more streamline look with a slimmer fit. Well the Crocs LiteRide Clogs are a brilliant option for a more modern and sporty look. Like any Crocs they are easy to wipe down if dirty or dry if wet. Easy to slip on and off helping you not waste any time at airport security, in addition to providing comfort for long walks across any terrain.

Toffeln Aktiv Flex 220 – Black

Toffeln Aktiv Flex 220 in Black

Although initially designed for nurses, the Toffeln Aktiv Flex 220 is a closed shoe style that can be great for walking in the city, especially in rainy destinations. Easy to wipe and dry off. The simple design makes it flexible to wear with almost anything you pack while being comfortable. You can wear socks or no socks too! It’s a simple and easy design for someone who can’t pack much.

Top 10 Travel Shoes

In the end, no matter where you’re going, the weather or how long it takes to get there, finding travel shoes that are comfortable, simple and stylish can be hard. This list hopefully provides you with some ideas for travel shoes, travel clogs and travel sandals that are all easy to get on and off, while also being convenient for both the actual travel experience and the arrival at your destination!