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World of Clogs Plain All-Wooden Clogs for Decorating

World of Clogs Round-Toe Plain All-Wooden Clogs

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Traditional wearable wooden clogs made from willow. These clogs are made entirely from wood. Planed and sanded ready to be painted, stained or varnished if desired.

One size fits many.

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Traditional wearable wooden clogs made from willow. These clogs are made entirely from wood. Planed and sanded ready to be painted, stained or varnished if desired. ATTENTION! One size fits many. Your selection correlates to the highest end of one of the manufacturer's size spans, which are as follows: 37-38 EU, 39 EU, 40 EU, 41-42 EU, 43-44 EU.
  1. Amazing shoes! review by Bryan on 24/05/2020
    Star Rating

    These are not tourist trinkets. They are serious shoes made for hard wear.
    I ordered some because I have always been intrigued by the notion of wooden Clogs, having worn modern Dansko clogs after some foot surgeries. I figured I'd do my Dutch ancestors proud and try a pair of these traditional shoes.
    They were shipped to me quickly, and securely. I excitedly threw them on immediately, and after only a few seconds was floored by how comfortable they are. They are noisy about the house, on wood and stone floors, but not at all slippery or unstable. I can wear them for several hours, puttering around the house and garage, and find them as comfortable as ever. They have proven to be exactly what I wanted - a comfortable pair of clogs I can wear for extended periods of time, that will protect my feet, while not being too hot and sweaty, and fast on and off.
    The only concession to protection I have made is to coat them with Danish oil, because I live in a very wet part of the world.
    I am sure I will get more pairs as these wear out. I really am smitten with them.

  2. Nice product review by Heiko on 15/05/2020
    Star Rating

    It is looks and feels as expected

  3. Amazing Shoes! review by Jex on 24/09/2019
    Star Rating

    I needed an "all natural hyper-allergenic memory foam free, chemical free, ect ect shoe" These compared to anything i could find that matched that in "modern" style was a huge difference. I was afraid they would be too tight so i bought too big of a size (I'm american as well so i am not familiar w/EU sizing).


    They support your arch perfectly, they feel formed to my feet, even though they are hard. You can wear thick/multiple socks inside them for softness. They actually keep my feet warm in cold weather and cool in the heat.

    I was afraid they would need special care, but everything i can find says to just leave them raw and send em if they get scuffed. I'm still wary of using them in the rain and snow though.

    I plan on using these 'too big' pair as my 'winter' set and buying another smaller pair for summer. I would wear these everyday too. And I'll recommend them to anyone looking for 'all natural' shoes. they are raw wood, can't get much more natural than that. They are a bit ostentatious, but that actually fits my style too lol.

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35 EU 2.5 UK M2.5/W4.5 22.3
36 EU 3 UK M3/W5 23.0
37 EU 4 UK M4/W6 23.7
38 EU 5 UK M5/W7 24.3
39 EU 6 UK M6/W8 25.0
40 EU 6.5 UK M6.5/W8.5 25.7
41 EU 7 UK M7/W9 26.3
42 EU 8 UK M8/W10 27.0
43 EU 9 UK M9/W11 27.7
44 EU 10 UK M10/W12 28.3
45 EU 10.5 UK M11 29.0
46 EU 11 UK M12 29.7
47 EU 12 UK M13 30.3
48 EU 13 UK M14 31.0
49 EU 14 UK M15 31.7
50 EU 15 UK M16 32.3

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